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New Fishing Lures

The fishing lures are attached at the end of the rod, from the hook, and they can come in all sizes, shapes or colors, depending on the type of fish it is meant to catch. They are designed to attract fish, resembling their natural prey in movement and appearance. If wrongly placed they can have the opposite effect: scare the fish away.
The rate of catching fish decreases greatly without a fishing lure. They hugely varied from the classic rubber worm to glowing in the dark lures to chameleonic little high tech creatures. The hook (or hooks – some have 3) is/are close to the lure so that the fish will bite it and get stuck. That’s the moment when the fisher pulls his rod and brings the catch to the surface. Experienced fishermen will cast and pull the rod, sinking the lure to imitate the act of swimming. This way it convinces the fish to approach and bite the artificial prey.
Fishing wobblers 2008
The many types of fishing lure are: jig, wobblers, spoon lures, fly lures, trout and bass worms, spinnerbait and many more.
A jig creates a vertical motion and is used in saltwater and freshwater. The classic one has a round head but they can vary as far as the imagination goes. What matters is that they attract fish. The body is made of rubber or silicone. This lure is the most common among fishermen for catching smallmouth or large mouth bass.
New wobbler 2008
A wobbler (or a plug) is made of wood or plastic, it has a thin plastic bib attached to the front of the body, sometimes adjustable to move or dive differently. This lure has 2 or sometimes 3 hooks. The bib will render the lure’s depth when diving. Those which have no bib will consequently float on the surface.
As the name suggests, the spoon lure has the shape of a spoon and has the capacity of attracting the fish by reflecting light. It is usually made of a shinny metal, with a concave shape. Just like a plug it can have a treble hook. Fishermen usually cast the rod farther than the point where they think the fish swims, and then they randomly retrieve the lure. Also, various colours are believed to increase the chance of catching fish.
Fly fishing lures or simply flies are made of feathers, thin threads or even fur, sometimes with beads, lead or other fabrics attached to make it more „playful”. Trained fishermen can tie their own fly fishing lure by rolling feather or fur around the hook to hide from the fish. Fly lures are of 5 types: wet fly, dry fly, nymph, terrestrial and streamer. Some of them float on the water and others can submerge.
For those who choose to fish at night, a new range of fishing lures have been created. They glow in the dark, under the water and they come in all models mentioned before. You can colour them yourself or you can bring along a portable flash light to charge the fishing lures.

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